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Established in 1999 and built on the huge success of past sessions, China Int’l Steel & Raw Materials Conference has become one of the most prestigious and well-known events in the global steel and iron ore industries. The conference draws over 600 attendees and many more visitors every year with its high-level corporate and government speakers, wide range and well-selected topics, and series of networking opportunities, etc.

Join us in Qingdao for this great get-together of top decision-makers of the world steel and iron ore industries.

In 2018, Chinese steel industry continued to press ahead with supply-side structural reforms, with the industrial structure constantly optimizing and the market improving.Looking into 2019, the tightened trade tensions, more stringent environmental policies and regulations are all among the variables for steel and iron ore market.

In such a critical time the 19th China Int'l Steel & Raw Materials Conference 2019 will bring together industry heavyweights to exchange views on market developments, elaborate on issues relating to the current pricing mechanism and discuss how to expand cooperation to foster an inclusive, sustainable and win-win industrial chain.

The main topic areas that will be covered include

Outlook for Chinese economy and Chinese steel industry;
Short-term forecast for China and global crude steel production;
The iron ore price trend and supply/demand dynamics;
China’s domestic iron ore production and development trend;
Updates on operation and capacity expansion of global leading iron ore suppliers;
Latest development on emerging iron ore projects and investment opportunities;
Performance of major steel mills and their raw materials procurement strategy;
Updates on steel scrap industry and prospect for steel scrap utilization in China;
Dry bulk shipping market outlook and forecast on freight rates;
Progress on iron ore spot trading platform and development trend;
Updates on iron ore derivatives market and its impact on the steel industry;
……and more
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